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This page is designed to help anyone who is new to Vaping or who may be considering Vaping. We have tried to answer as many questions as we can with the most current and accurate information available to us however, if after reading this page, you still have additional questions, please feel free to come by our shop or contact us. 


Is Vaping Safe?

Although we would like to simply say yes, this actually requires a more complicated answer. Traditional Cigarettes (Analongs to us Vapers), in addition to the Nicotine used to get you hooked, contain thousands of chemicals that are harmful not only to you, but to those around in the form of second hand smoke. The E-Juices do not contain these dangerous chemicals. E-Juice is made from PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), Natural flavorings, and Nicotine.

  • PG (Propylene Glycol) - This is a common ingredient found in many of food and cosmetic products you frequently use. It is not the same as, or even close to, Ethyl-Glycol, which is a prime ingredient of anti-freeze. The PG used in e-Liquids is typically Food Grade Kosher Propylene Glycol. It is slightly sweet and colorless. USP approved propylene glycol is used in cosmetics, toiletries, food colorings, cake mixes, salad dressings, soft drinks and more. It is also used in the smoke / fog machines found in theatres and nightclubs.
  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) - Vegetable glycerin is carbohydrate that is usually derived from plant oils. It is used as a sweetener and as an ingredient in a number of cosmetic products. Vegetable glycerin is also used in place of alcohol to extract botanicals. This is the ingredient that produces the smoke like vapor when the e-cigarette is exhaled. It is slightly more viscous (thicker) and slightly sweeter then propylene glycol.
  • Natural Flavorings - E-Juices are available in many flavor options. These flavors are achieved by adding natural flavoring to the PG/VG mix.
  • Nicotine - Pure (100%) nicotine extract is 1000mg nicotine per ml of fluid. It is extremely dangerous and is fatal if ingested or absorbed at this potency. It must be diluted down to less than 3.6% (36mg / ml) for use in E-Liquids. Most E-Liquids contain nicotine levels of 24mg/ml or less, but some are available at the higher 36mg/ml level. You will occasionally see anti-nicotine materials that mention that nicotine is used in the production of pesticides.  While this is true, they never include the rest of the uses for nicotine such as; Treatment for depression/anxiety, Treatment for dyskensia illness in Parkinson's patients, and Coronary treatments.

Although the long term effects of vaping are not completely known, there have been many studies by many very respected organizations that have determined that Vaping is much safer than the alternative of Smoking.